Lockjaw Jigs News: The Holiday Goodies are now available, we will be doing a couple different Jig Boxes color combinations but we have the first one ready. Check them out on the Jig's the Season page


   We have finally gotten around to adding our Spinner baits to the web site!  To the left is a number of tabs click the Spinner baits tab and check out what’s new! More colors coming as we can get them added if you don't see the color you’re looking for, contact us and we will get you taken care of.

    I have also started a personal fishing face book, this is where I will share with you my results on the water, my sponsors news and updates as well as tips and tricks while out on the water you may find helpful! 





Atomic_Craw_LJ.jpgFind the NEW Atomic Craw on our Textured Jigs page or by clicking the picture!



 As bass fisherman we here at Lockjaw Jigs know what it takes to put a limit in your boat, not just any limit but one that cashes checks at the end of the day. We believe it takes a few things to make this happen, one is preparation for the conditions your fishing, waters clarity, temps and all that good stuff. Going out blind with even the best baits makes it tough for the best of bass fisherman, So prepare yourself and make sure you did your homework before you go out get skunked and tell yourself you are not a good fisherman. The next best thing we can do for yourself after we are prepared is have confidence in what you are going to throw at the fish we all know are there waiting for us. With Lockjaw Jigs custom hand tied tournament grade baits you gain that the minute you tie them bait on, you can see the quality and time that our baits have in them. They are not mass produced bait with a rubber band around some skirt and tossed on a jig! Our baits are built around a hand poured lead head, individually custom painted, baked and then tied. We tie them using a strong thread which is attached to the lead which does not allow that skirt to EVER spin, slide down or blow off during your next cast to the spot where you just had a bite. Seeing your skirt blow off on that cast especially is gut wrenching when you are in need of that fish. With our baits those worries go away FOREVER! We back with our own confidence and guarantee that if the skirt ever falls off your bait we will buy your bait back!1st_on_wiver.jpg

Another great feature on our baits we have been doing since day one our EBay day 8 years ago before we became who we are today. Our Custom trailer keeper! This keeper will hold your baits in place until it’s literally torn by fish from the hook. We have been told by customers that they have caught upwards of 30 plus fish on ONE trailer. How many other baits can you use ONE trailer all day? Not saying this is the case on every tournament day or on every fun day fishing but we will guarantee this, you will save money on buying bags of trailers for that one day of fishing! Budgets are tight in today’s world and fishing is not a cheap sport, let alone tournament bass fishing it is way more costly and it’s not getting cheaper. Time is something most of us hate to loose when in a tournament, do you know how much time you waste fishing trailers that have spun or slide on your jigs? We loose on most days upwards of 30 minutes fixing our baits trailers alone! That is a lot of time we could be using to catch our next big fish! You will notice that time you used to loose with "other baits" added to your day when using Lockjaw jigs custom baits.Living_Craw_3D.jpg




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Lockjaw Jigs T-Shirt $18.00
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Lockjaw Jigs is slowly adding new gear for our customers to support us and show off the baits they believe in. These T-Shirts are 100% cotton Gildan shirts and come pre-shrunk. We are offering them in Black,light gray,Pink and White with Black,White and pink options on your art work. We are also offering a womans fitted shirt with the same color options (pictures coming soon).

November 1, 2014