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    Our jigs skirts are Hand Tied and guaranteed to never move on our jigs or we will buy them back!!


 We have changed some things on our home page to try and help fisherman and woman at all levels get the head style that fits there needs. Below you will find a picture of every head style we offer and a quick into as to what they are used for. We hope this helps you pick the right jig for your next fishing trip out.



(Above) Here is our number one selling jig head, the 3D Eye Jig. This is a great jig for all types of fishing styles. This jig is very versatile and is loved by everyone who has picked them up, including myself as this is my Go-To jig.


(Above) The Lockjaw Series is a jig head many anglers use for flipping and pitching into wood and brush piles. 


(Above) The Finesse head we offer is a stand up Football head which is our only jig head with a Gami hook in it and we use this hook because of the throat of the hook. This hooks shank is nice and long which makes a sharp turn into the throat where fish are held on better than ever.


(Above) Our Swim/Bullet head Jig head is the head that comes through grass better than anything we offer at this time. The Swim Jig is also one that I use myself for flipping and pitching because it dones come through brush, grass mats and more very well.


(Above)our Football head is offered with a super strong Mustad hook as with all of our jigs but the Finesse jig. Its head shape is best for fishing rocks, flat gravel bottoms and such.


 We offer a veriety of weights in select head styles, below is a chart to help you with what we offer.

Size Jig Head Options
1/8oz........... 3D Eye, Football

Finesse head

1/4oz........... 3D Eye, Football, Lockjaw Series, Swim/Bullet, Finesse
3/8oz.......... 3D Eye, Football, Lockjaw Series, Swim/Bullet
1/2oz........... 3D Eye, Football, Lockjaw Series, Swim/Bullet
5/8oz.......... Lockjaw Series and Swim/Bullet jig
3/4oz........... 3D Eye, Lockjaw Series, Football Swim/Bullet
7/8oz........... Swim/Bullet
1oz............. 3D Eye, Lockjaw Series, Football




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November 28, 2014